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 Thammasat University OIA and Singha Corporations collaborated on 14 Sept. 2014

Office of International Affairs, Thammasat University in cooperation with Singha Corporations arranged a community service activity for Thammasat international students to work with a group of children with disabilities. Bann Nontapoom is a government-funded house to take care of homeless, abandoned, or orphaned children aged from 7 to 18 years old, and also children from troubled families. There are always in the need for extra outside supports financially and mentally.
This working collaboration then was founded as a project called “A visit to children with disabilities at Bann Nontapoom”. This gives an opportunity of Thammasat international students to experience community service and work outside classrooms. Singha Corporations also provide their financial support to make this project possible. The activities were set to be three main activities, which were making Thai desserts, painting apron, and recreation activities.  Students with disabled children were working together in making Thai desserts, Luk Chup (fruit-shaped, mung bean paste coated with jelly), Khanom Beuang (sweet yolk with thin crispy pancake), and Coconut jelly. They were also working together in painting arts on aprons. Last physical one is the recreation activities, which were the most enjoyable. Students and children were playing and involving together in many activities, such as games and sports. The winner of any games would receive rewards, like toys or snacks, so children are so enthusiastic. Recreation activities are very helpful because children not only got to physical actions, but also gain rewards or food and feel proud of themselves. Even though, this kind of activities are not happening every day, but at least it created and left a memorable experience of both sides.

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