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Student Activities

Biking Tour at Rangsit Campus SM1/2013

                             OIA arranged the Biking Tour for the Exchange Student on thursday 5th Sep 2013.



 Elephants Trip for Exchange Student SM1/2013 .



Grand Palace Visit 2013

The Temple of the Emerald Buddha which is generally knows as "Wat Phra Kaew" is located near SanamLunag. It is also can be seen from our University. The temple was built in 1780 during the  establishment of Bangkok in the reign of King Rama Ι,the first King of Chakri Dynasty.Situated in the compound of the Grand Palace, the temple houses only an area for the royal family to perform religious ritual ceremony.



 Cooking Class for International Student SM1/2013

When students are coming to Thammasat University from oversea countries, it is important to inform them how to live and study in Thailand comfortably. OIA is hosting the student's orientation every semester at one week prior to the first day of semester. This is to get students orientation and informed how to take care of registration & visa issues ,adjust to cultural differences, and understand dos and don'ts. It is  not a mandatory session , but we recommend that it will make life easier to be informed than learning the hard way.






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