North America

1.    The University of British Columbia
2.    University of Calgary
3.    University of Victoria

1.    California State University, Hayward
2.    California State University, Long Beach
3.    California State University, Northridge
4.    California State University, Sacramento
5.    George Mason University
6.    Indiana University of Pennsylvania
7.    International Student Exchange Program (ISEP)
8.    MIT Sloan School/ Foundation for Research, Education and Enterprise
9.    Montana State University – Bozeman
10.    North Carolina State University
11.    The Monterey Institute of International Studies
12.    The University of California
13.    The University of Missouri-Columbia
14.    The University of Texas at Austin
15.    University of Nebraska Lincoln
16.    University of Hawaii at Manoa
17.    University of Michigan (Stephen M. Ross School of Business and Research)
18.    University of Wisconsin - Madison
19.    Vanderbilt University
20.    Widener University
21.    Case Western Reserve University
22.    Boston University
23.    Methodist University
24.    Shenandoah University (MOU)
25.    Western Michigan University
26.    The Florida Atlantic University
27.    The University of Alabama at Birmingham
28.    California State University Long Beach

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